Cushioned Bath Support

It's a slippery transition when going from the infant tub to the family tub. LilyPod is a cushioned bath support you place in the bathtub to make this transition an easy one. It is constructed of a soft open weave fabric made especially for the bath. The contoured sides actually act as bumpers, providing all-around cushioning. Flip it over for an ideal reclining position, perfect for newborns or shampooing for toddlers. 

Children have DROWNED while using bath aids. This is NOT a safety device. ALWAYS keep baby within arm's reach.
NEVER leave baby in care of children.
Not a flotation device, for comfort only.

  • Cushioned bumper provides all-around support
  • Flip side is ideal for bathing newborns or shampooing toddlers in a reclined position
  • Slip-resistant bottom prevents slipping and sliding
  • Sturdy hanger included for drip-dry storage
Info & Care
To extend the life of your bath item, rinse with clean water after each use and shake excess water from item. Store in a well-ventilated area and see that your item hangs freely so that it may air-dry quickly. Do not store in an area behind a shower curtain or where the bathroom door must remain closed.

If necessary, you may wash your item in a large capacity washer on the delicate or hand wash cycle setting. Use a detergent that does not contain fabric softener. Non-chlorine bleach may be used if needed. Dry on lowest heat setting.

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