Tuckie Duckie®

Adjustable Bath Support

The Tuckie Duckie is an innovative, adjustable bath support that grows with your baby. The two side tabs adjust the size and shape to meet your baby’s changing needs. Cinch the adjustment tabs in to create a smaller space perfect for smaller infants. Fully extend the adjustment tabs to create a larger area for growing infants. 

Children have DROWNED while using bath aids. This is NOT a safety device. ALWAYS keep baby within arm's reach.
NEVER leave baby in care of children.
Not a flotation device, for comfort only.

  • Angles and adjusts to the size and shape of growing infants
  • Cinch it up to create a smaller surface or fully extend for a larger surface
  • Elevates upper body to keep water out of baby’s eyes and ears
  • Soft filling for bath time comfort and convenience
  • Includes hanger for drip-dry storage
Info & Care
To extend the life of your bath item, rinse with clean water after each use and shake excess water from item. Store in a well-ventilated area and see that your item hangs freely so that it may air-dry quickly. Do not store in an area behind a shower curtain or where the bathroom door must remain closed.

If necessary, you may wash your item in a large capacity washer on the delicate or hand wash cycle setting. Use a detergent that does not contain fabric softener. Non-chlorine bleach may be used if needed. Dry on lowest heat setting.

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