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Snoogle® Chic

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Moroccan Gray
Birds Blue Leaf
Brown Lilac Rings
Dandelion Taupe
Floral Lace
Moroccan Sand
Splash Gray
Sunny Circles

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    • The Mother of All Pregnancy Pillows®

      The Snoogle Total Body Pillow was uniquely designed by a Registered Nurse and Mom to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe. Use to make sleeping and relaxing cozier without the extra body heat. Use your Snoogle any way you choose to create your own unique and customized comfort positions. Features a zippered removable cover for ease of use.

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Customer Reviews

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My second one. It’s perfect!

Comfortable & Adjustable

Enjoying my new preggo pillow! It arrived in such a quick amount of time, no damages and nicely packaged. Love all the different ways I can adjust it to work with how I sleep, watching TV or reading a book. Supportive in all the right places. Since I’m in my 2nd trimester, when trying to go to bed my legs have been super itchy and the pillow cover isn’t as soft as I need it to be.
Going to wash the cover several times in softener or try to find a ‘silkier’ cover. Other than that, the firmness and shape have been great for me!

Life Savers!

I have been counting down the nights until I could get another Snoogle. I had one with my first and second pregnancies, and then got a mini for my third and fourth with a belly wedge. I'm only 11weeks but being pregnant with #5 is no joke. My body has been breaking apart for over a month now, back, hips, shoulders, knees, the heaviness in my abdomen from my abs already well separated. Sleep has been nonexistent, and I KNEW I needed the full body support of a full size Snoogle again (plus, my 4 year old stole my mini when she was 2). This guy really does make all the difference in the world. Sound sleep, rested sleep, no tossing and turning. If you're a belly sleep, like me, you will be especially thankful for the full body support.

This is my first time with a chic cover and it is much softer than the original, I would highly recommend the upgrade. I also love the zipper on it, it isn't uncomfortable at all and was extremely easy to remove to wash and put back on (SO much better than the envelop sleep design of the original). The chic material also feels a lot cooler than I remember my originals being.

Also, I 100% recommend ordering from Leacho over Amazon or another retailer. It came SO SO SO fast, even with Covid delays left and right, Leacho had it shipped out next day and it arrived 2 days later (with free shipping!). The box was absolutely adorable, with the cute tape, and memos written on it, and sticker inside. It was so adorable, I had tears in my eyes (or maybe I was so THAT excited about being able to sleep again), darn hormones.

Of course, my 4 year old and 2 year old already stole it and are nested together on the couch (but it will be mine come nightfall haha). If you're wondering why they have a Snoggle Junior... that is why. You will quickly find your beloved Snoogle is irresistible to everyone (and everything haha) in your household. Spouses, children, dogs, cats. So be prepared to fight for it, but I promise, it will be worth the battle mamas!!!

Snoogle Chic

Im not pregnant but have had problems falling asleep and staying asleep, I keep 4 pillows around me to help me sleep. It was time replace some of the pillows and so i decided to try the Snoogle so i wouldn't need so many pillows (and so i wouldn't accidentally kick it off the bed lol). I love my Snoogle! I sleep so well and through the night. Also most days i would wake up with lower back pain. i havent had, or if i do it's very mild and not often now, more back pain since buying the Snoogle. Highly recommend!

The perfect fit

I was using multiple pillows to feel comfortable while learning to sleep on my side while pregnant (had to transition from being a back sleeper) - this replaced all of them! It is the perfect size for me (5'8") and I like how it can be twisted into different positions, if I want to use it for support to watch TV or read in bed. I imagine it will become even more comfortable/useful as I get bigger.