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Stories from real moms: Why I won’t leave home without my Cuddle-U

January 14, 2016 4 min read

At Leachco, we often contact customers to see how they are getting on with their Leachco products. We learn so much in these conversations. A lot of what we learn would help other moms, so we’ve asked some of our customers to share their experiences.

Our first story is from Claire who mentioned the Cuddle-U was great for home and also spectacular when traveling. As she dove into the details of a recent road trip, we learned just how versatile and convenient the Cuddle-U is for a mom on-the-go.


We recently made the trip back to my husband’s hometown for a family reunion. Visiting grandparents is great for a lot of reasons, especially their willingness - no,eagerness - to carry my colicky baby around the house for hours on end.

Despite the help my in-laws provide, there is one travel issue that moms and dads can always rely on: no matter how well we prepare, leaving town means missing the conveniences we rely on at home (wipe warmer, anyone?).  


I like to focus on the essentials, instead of trying to pack our car full of every baby thing that we own. On this particular trip, there was one thing I refused to leave home without: my Cuddle-U nursing pillow.

Our three-month-old seems to be eatingconstantly, and most days it feels like I spend 80% of my waking hours in some stage of feeding my little guy. The thought of building a cocoon of couch pillows which slip and sag and inevitably get covered in bodily fluids was not a pleasant one. So the one non-negotiable thing I packed on this trip was my Cuddle-U.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Here are six ways that my Cuddle-U made our lives a little better in just one weekend:

  • 1. Best nursing pillow ever

  • This is the obvious one, right? It’s simply the most comfortable nursing pillow I’ve tried. It fits my shape perfectly and has the right amount of firmness to support the baby. It works and I love it.

  • 2. Keeping baby upright after feeding

  • My pediatrician affectionately calls my son “a spitter”, meaning that he spits up...a lot. The cardinal rule of dealing with a spitty baby is that he should be upright for at least 30 minutes after each feeding. At home, I usually put him in a bouncer, but at my in-laws we used the Cuddle-U’s genius seat wrap feature to prop him up safely and comfortably. He was so happy there that, honestly, it could probably replace the bouncer I have at home.

  • 3. Safely watching me make breakfast
  • There aren’t a ton of safe places to set a non-mobile baby in a house that isn’t teeming with baby equipment, so I found myself using the Cuddle-U as an extra set of hands when I needed to put him down. Comfy and portable, I moved the Cuddle-U into the kitchen so I could make breakfast with my tiny partner in crime before the other adults in the house were awake.


  • 4. Lumbar support
  • My sister-in-law is expecting her first baby in a few months, and she got a first-hand look ateverything so I hope we didn’t scare her too badly. The good news is that when she was complaining about those pregnancy aches and pains, I offered up the Cuddle-U as a support pillow. She was beyond thrilled and I felt bad when I needed it back. On the plus side, I definitely know what I’m getting her for the baby shower.

  • 5. Tummy time
  • We shoot for 20-30 minutes of supervised tummy time each day, but truth be told we don’t always get there because my little guy really doesn’t like it. In any case, our tummy time playmat didn’t make the cut when we were packing for the trip, so I used the Cuddle-U to prop up the baby as he laid forward. He seemed to like that position a lot better than lying flat on the ground (based on the fact he wasn’t screaming at me after 10 seconds) and he still got the neck-strengthening benefits of not being on his back.

    6. Car pillow

    My other half gets a lot of credit for how smoothly our weekend trip went. From loading up the car and checking the tire pressure to running interference with his crazy great-aunt, he was really a trooper. So after taking my three-hour nap on the ride home, I decided he needed a break too. I took over driving responsibilities and before long I looked over and he was curled up around my Cuddle-U dozing peacefully. Ain’t love grand?

    Overall, the trip was a success! It’s really good to be home, but my newfound appreciation for my Cuddle-U hasn’t changed one bit since we’ve been back.


    You can learn more about the Cuddle-Uhere:

    Learn more about the Cuddle-U

    Do you have a story that you would like to share with thousands of other moms? We all would love to learn from it. Leave a comment below and we’ll get in touch!