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Our Story


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How our family turned a near accident into
an innovative company that focuses on the
safety and well-being of children, while
adding convenience to parents' busy
In 1988, a seven-month-old baby named
Alex nearly fell out of a defective restaurant
high chair.  His mother, Jamie, fashioned a
temporary fix to keep him in place
with her purse strap.
Jamie, a registered nurse, knew that she
needed something to keep her wiggling
baby safe in his chair.  That night, she
created a safety wrap using dental floss, 
tape, and a hand towel. 
Jamie's homemade safety wrap quickly
caught the attention of other parents and a
few months later, Jamie and Clyde
formed Leachco.
To this day, Jamie still designs all of
Leachco’s products using her years of 
experience as both a mom and a nurse.
Clyde and Alex make sure they are
manufactured with the best materials and
to the highest quality standards.
Jamie, Clyde, sons Alex and Andrew,
daughter Mabry, and son-in-law
Stephen continue to deliver
best-selling solutions that parents
wonder how they ever lived without.