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September 05, 2018 5 min read

With Leachco's big reveal, we wanted to explore other ways couples have shared their reveals. One of the most exciting moments in pregnancy is finding out the gender of your baby!  Gender reveal parties have become a trending event that gives moms and dads the opportunity to celebrate their new bundle of joy with loved ones. This is the perfect time to invite your family and friends over so that everyone can find out the gender together and get that cute picture you can treasure forever. 

While researching different gender reveal party ideas, we found so many unique ways to reveal a baby's gender. While we loved them all, we wanted to share with you our favorite ones!

Sweet Surprises

Who doesn't love sweets?! Nothing beats a fun gathering like sugary goodness! For those with a sweet tooth, one fun reveal you might consider is to have a custom made sweet with a blue or pink theme embedded in the desert. There are so many options to choose from with this reveal. Whether you love cake, cookies, there's a reveal for you!

If you, as a couple, are still in the dark about the gender, usually you have the ultrasound technician write the gender on a piece of paper and put it in a sealed envelope.  This envelope is then given to the baker of your reveal cake. There are many ways to showcase the reveal through a cake. 

*Layers of Surprise*

The first one is from  They have assembled a cake with ombre style color layers.  Please follow their link to find directions on how to make this amazing cake.

*Piñata Cake*

 A yummy reveal is the Piñata Cake! This cake idea comes from  Instruct the baker of your choice to bake a four-level cake and to cut a hole in the three bottom layer halves. The baker will then fill the hole with blue or pink candy-coated chocolates in the center, and then place the fourth layer on top.  By decorating the outside of the cake with blue and pink sprinkles, you can add to the suspense of the reveal.

*The Surprise is Inside*

Another sweet reveal is a cupcake reveal! "The surprise is inside" comes from This reveal will allow all guests the opportunity to participate. Just pass out a cupcake to each guest, countdown from three, and then everyone takes a huge bite to reveal the baby's gender!

*Hidden Shapes*

For this cupcake reveal, places heart-shaped cake cutouts in the cupcake batter before cooking.  This creates a great effect. Having the blue and pink swirl frosting on top adds to the reveal suspense as well.

Surprise in a Box

 *It's Raining Reveals*

A favorite gender reveal by many couples is to have balloons and confetti coming out of the box.  There are two ways to have this reveal come to pass.  One is to have the box hanging above you and pulling a string to have the balloons and confetti pour down upon you.  For this one be sure to not have helium-filled balloons so that the balloons can float down. has directions on how to make this reveal.


*He or She Balloon Suprise*

Another box reveal is to have the box on the ground and to open it up to have the helium-filled balloons float out of the box. Be sure to have the balloons weighted or taped to the bottom of the box in order to not have flyaway balloons. has how-to instructions to make this reveal come to fruition.

*Sweet and Simple*

The simplicity of the confetti-filled balloon is very refreshing.  Be sure to keep the balloon weighted or taped to the bottom of the box to prevent a fly-away-balloon. 

Balloon Pops

 *Confetti in my Hair, Confetti Everywhere*

Who doesn’t love a little confetti in their lives? For this reveal, show the store clerk the envelope of the gender to let them know what color confetti to fill the BLACK helium-filled balloon. (Be sure to use a black balloon so that the color of the confetti does not show through) Enjoy popping the balloon to have a shower of confetti rain down on the expecting couple.


*Pop reveals the Gender*

This reveal taps into our beloved memories of carnival games!  Over at, they have a great reveal idea that involves your family and friends. The first step is to create a fun board and attach black balloons to it. Make sure to fill only one balloon with the specific color of paint that corresponds to the baby's gender. Then have guests throw the darts to pop the balloons. Guests will be excited each time someone throws the dart ready to see what color paint will splatter out! It's a game that will make everyone feel like a winner!


At, marksmanship is the key to popping the paint-filled balloon with a single arrow.  Such a fun way to reveal the gender.

Having the Whole Gang Involved

 *Shake and Spray*

Bring out the kid in all of us by spraying others with silly string. has a creative post describing your family and friends spraying the expecting couple with the gender reveal color string.  

*Explosions of Color*

Let the colored powder fight commence.  This photo shoot shows the excitement from family and friends as they opened the exploding powder-filled containers around the expecting couple. With everyone wearing white shirts it accentuates the pop of color from the powder. 

*Who is Ready to get Soaked*

A very fun reveal that everyone can participate in is the water gun reveal! By filling up water guns with the specific colored paint, guests can have fun with spraying the expecting couple with the paint. At we see a great photoshoot at the beach where loved ones have the opportunity to spray down the expecting couple with paint-filled water guns. Doesn't it look like a blast?!

Pouring Over the Expecting Couple

 *Pour on the Paint*

The couple from seemed ready with their goggles and jumpsuits as they had their parents pour the gender reveal paint color over them. 

Couples Reveal to Others

Now not everyone has the opportunity to host a big reveal party with their loved ones, but that doesn't mean you can't still have a fun, creative reveal! There are many ways to tell your friends and family the big news and here are a couple of our favorites. 

*Big Pop*

This photoshoot done by shows a creative way to reveal the gender of the upcoming baby to loved ones. Have each couple blow a piece of gum. Make sure that one is a pink color and the other is a blue color. Then have the mom or dad pop the color that the corresponding gender is not.  Leaving the unpopped color to reveal the gender of the upcoming arrival! You can then send these fun pictures to everyone. What a fun picture reveal!

*Tummy Prints*

 Another beautiful photoshoot reveal involves paint! For the first picture, cover the inside of dad's hands with paint and have him place both hands on the mommy's tummy. For even more cute points, have the dad form his hands into the shape of a heart! For the next picture, the dad will lift is hands revealing the color of hand on the mom's white shirt. This will be one mail delivery that everyone will be excited for! 

Now we want to hear from you! What gender reveal have you done or are planning to do? Post below in the comments if you have a great idea or have seen another fun reveal that you want to share!