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Back 'N Belly Bliss®

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Cool Blue
Lightly Latte
Peaceful Gray
Soothing White


    • Flexible Contoured Body Pillow

      The Back ‘N Belly Bliss flexible contoured body pillow gives you the freedom to shape and mold into your own custom comfort positions. This unstructured design gives the Back ‘N Belly Bliss ultimate flexibility without tension. When you surround yourself in the Back ‘N Belly Bliss it can help provide equal support for your back and belly at the same time with inner body-hugging curves. This mirror image position lets you turn from side to side without readjusting pillows.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Meghan L.

Back 'N Belly Bliss®

Jennifer M.
Love it!

Super comfortable. It feels like I’m sleeping in a big cocoon. You really need a king-size bed though, it’s quite large.


I was worried based on the images that it would truly dominate my queen bed, but it doesn’t. It could take up 60% of your bed if you let it. I was worried this wouldn’t help with my hip problems during pregnancy (I have to switch sides frequently because my hip bones dig into the bed?? Just me??) but it does because I can make it into a trench thing that slightly elevates my body so the hip thing doesn’t hurt as much. I can also use it to position myself in a way that also takes the pressure off. I’m looking forward to using it in the sitting up version too. I remember how miserable I was last pregnancy, wishing I had a recliner to sleep in. I do sleep better with this pillow and it’s way easier and faster to get comfortable than it was with my previous pillow fort. My only complaint is, the fabric is slightly too rough on my face, it’s not remotely a deal breaker, I just drape a soft Jersey cloth over the part where my face will be.

Erick U.


James C.
Health Changer

I have a rarely diagnosed airway disease. At night I struggle to breath even with a bipap and O2. I would wake up worn out. This has changed that completely. It allows me to sleep in a more upright position without bending where it would hender my breathing. I am sleeping soundly. I rarely wake up. My O2 numbers through the night are much better. I wake up feeling a lot better.