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Back 'N Belly Bliss®

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Soothing White
Cool Blue
Lightly Latte
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    • Flexible Contoured Body Pillow

      The Back ‘N Belly Bliss flexible contoured body pillow gives you the freedom to shape and mold into your own custom comfort positions. This unstructured design gives the Back ‘N Belly Bliss ultimate flexibility without tension. When you surround yourself in the Back ‘N Belly Bliss it can help provide equal support for your back and belly at the same time with inner body-hugging curves. This mirror image position lets you turn from side to side without readjusting pillows. Features hook and loop attachment tabs on each pillow end that can connect together to help keep the Back 'N Belly Bliss in place.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lily M.
Best pillow ever!

This pillow seriously saved my sleep during my pregnancy!


Back n Belly Bliss allows any sleeper to dream with joy. As an almost OLD timer, I ordered this pillow and others to compliment a brand new rock hard mattress! Sleep is heaven and Bliss has many different comfort uses for just about any age. Even my cat!
Thank you Leacho for your quick & easy shipping and for all my sweet dreams!

Valerie E.
Amazing support - total game changer for severe back/body pain

As a person who suffers with severe spinal, pelvic and leg pain from a number of serious conditions, this body pillow-support system is a God send! For the first time in i don’t know how long, I actually slept through the night and 3 times as long as I normally sleep because it took the pressure and tension off. The Leachco Back N Belly bliss is a game changer for sitting, laying and sleeping. Thank you Leachco 🙏🙏🙏

Clare K.

Back 'N Belly Bliss®

Jennifer J.

I have always had trouble sleeping, but especially now with pregnancy. This pillow is so perfect. I can't even describe it. It's a perfect mix of soft and firm. It's great for side sleeping, which is a must nowadays. Makes me feel safe, as corny as that sounds.