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Back to Back®

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Peaceful Gray and Plush Slate


    • Dual Body Pillow with Mini Boost

      The Back to Back is a dual body pillow with an adjustable and removable mini boost. The Back to Back features a body-hugging design with dual support that cushions head, back, tummy, thighs, and knees. The cool cotton and lush plush two-sided pillow allow for multiple comfort options. The mini boost can help provide extra cushion and elevation. The Back to Back also features a comfort curve for neck and shoulders as well as a zippered removable cover for ease of use.

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Customer Reviews

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Nicole M.
I couldn't be happier

I'm not pregnant, never have been, never plan to be. But I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome so my joints are loose and like to dislocate including when I'm asleep. I also am a side sleeper and cannot fall asleep unless I'm on my right side which puts a lot of weight and pressure on a very unstable shoulder and causes dislocations and pain. I decided to get this pillow to help keep my joints aligned when I'm asleep and to reduce pain. It worked, immediately. I've been wearing a Fitbit non-stop for 6 years, so I have plenty of sleep data. I wake up 20+ times every night from having to readjust when my limbs get in weird positions. Since using the pillow, I'm waking up once or twice a night and only because the cat woke me up. I love this pillow. I also had a slight issue with my product, customer service had it resolved within an hour of contacting them and I couldn't be more impressed with their efficiency and kindness.

Francisca W.
So far so great!

I love my big pillow. It took a little getting used to, but I now love it—great overall support. I feel cuddled all night long. My chihuahua cuddles up in the pillow with me too. 🙂 I highly recommend. Thank you!

Like laying on a cloud.

As a side sleeper who tosses and turns in their sleep, this was just what I needed! It’s everything I was looking for in a body pillow. I wish it came in more colors.


Pillow helps so much, especially if you have are one that usually wakes up with back pain.