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Snoogle® R&R

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    • The Rest and Relaxation Body Pillow

      The Snoogle R&R is the Rest and Relaxation Body Pillow that features inner contours that caress the back or tummy with snug support.  Features a generously sized head cushion with extra length at the ends for all-around huggable comfort. The Snoogle R&R cradles the shape of your body from head to toe. The comfort curve cushions the upper body and supports the neck, back, and shoulders. The Snoogle R&R also features a zippered removable cover for ease of use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Angie M.

I had an old standard Snoogle and it became thin and beaten down I used it so much, this time I got Rest & Relax Snoogle and love it just as much! Helps support my body so much during sleep, wish I would of gotten it sooner!

Deborah C.C.
I slept like a 10 year old!

Absolutely the BEST sleep I’ve had in 50 years! I recently had shoulder surgery, and a friend told me about this “pillow”. I really cannot say enough great things about the contour, softness, and overall comfort. I thought turning onto my other side would be problematic, but it’s not that difficult to turn the pillow and lie on my other side….provided I wake up and feel the need to turn over. The design of the “head” portion is such that I don’t need my regular pillow. The other AMAZING thing is that I no longer get ear pain lying on my side from the pillow smooshing my ear. Thank you for designing and making this product.
The only problem I am foreseeing is that I’m taking a 3 week trip to Europe, I’m trying to figure out if I can “vacuum seal” it, or purchase a smaller one. Jokingly: I’m having Snoogle anxiety about it!

Santiago S.

Snoogle® R&R