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Back 'N Belly® Bunchie®

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    • When you're pregnant, finding your most comfortable position is important to your best night's sleep. We designed the Back 'N Belly Bunchie specifically to move and adjust with you. The elasticized center sections bunch in, stretch out, and bend to support your most comfortable position. Fold the pillow for multiple lounging options, both seated and reclined. The hourglass design with inner curves gives equal support to your back and belly at the same time when you rest. The neck comfort curve provides comfort that your neck and shoulders can sink into. Plus, no repositioning as you turn from side to side. Features a zippered removable cover for ease of use.

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Customer Reviews

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Love this pillow

I’m 19 weeks pregnant and finally gave in and got this. Love it so far. Very comfortable and keeps me on my side all night.

Back and Belly Bunchie

I got the back and belly Bunche for my husband. He has back issues and he says this has helped him tremendously. He sleeps better and doesn’t have to have 4 or 5 pillows. It is working very good for him. So glad I got it.
D. Cannon


I’m only 9 weeks pregnant and I’ve been having the hardest time with sleeping but ever since I purchased this pillow I sleep like a baby.

Better Sleep

I absolutely love this pillow! I am not pregnant however, I purchased for back support and I must say I am sleeping way better and waking up feeling great!

A must-have!

This pillow has improved my sleep tremendously. I’m only a few weeks along but already feeling all the lovely aches and pains that come with pregnancy. I’m a side sleeper and the fluffiness of the pillow is just perfect to fit between my legs and there’s support from every angle. I also love that it can be easily folded to rest on it while sitting up, this will really come in handy when I breastfeed. I really wish I’d had one during my first pregnancy ten years ago! (For reference, this is how it fits on my King size bed.)