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Back 'N Belly® Bunchie®

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    • When you're pregnant, finding your most comfortable position is important to your best night's sleep. We designed the Back 'N Belly Bunchie specifically to move and adjust with you. The elasticized center sections bunch in, stretch out, and bend to support your most comfortable position. Fold the pillow for multiple lounging options, both seated and reclined. The hourglass design with inner curves gives equal support to your back and belly at the same time when you rest. The neck comfort curve provides comfort that your neck and shoulders can sink into. Plus, no repositioning as you turn from side to side. Features a zippered removable cover for ease of use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Charmaine R.

Back 'N Belly® Bunchie®

Carissa C.
Pretty Comfy

I ordered this because I needed a pillow that went all the way around my body but wasn't too big. I think it's nice. If I could, I would have gotten it a little less full in the head area, but I'm happy with it overall.

Alyssa H.

Back 'N Belly® Bunchie®

Julie h.
Best pillow ever

Love love love the pillow it took me a little bit to find my comfy spot I'm not pregnant I needed a good supportive but soft pillow for the neuropathy in my feet and legs also I am a side sleeper so I was looking for a pillow that would also support my back this pillow does all of that plus so much more I have an adjustable bed I now just use the pillow to sit up and watch tv and have my legs up where I need them comfortable the pillow has made a huge difference and I am so grateful I searched and searched for the perfect pillow they all looked great in the photos intell I read the reviews and saw true actual pillows that people bought and took pictures of they looked nothing like how the companies had made them out to look or sound like these pillows are true to the picture and description even my cats cuddle up with me at night with the pillow thank you so much I am so grateful and have never slept better I use to wake up every hour or hour and a half now I get up maybe twice to use the bathroom I feel so rested and refreshed in the morning and being able to lay down at night with out my feet and legs hurting is huge

Love this pillow

I’m 19 weeks pregnant and finally gave in and got this. Love it so far. Very comfortable and keeps me on my side all night.