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Snoogle® Chic Supreme

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    • The Mother of All Pregnancy Pillows®

      The Snoogle Total Body Pillow was uniquely designed by a Registered Nurse and Mom to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe. Use to make sleeping and relaxing more cozy without the extra body heat. Use your Snoogle any way you choose to create your own unique and customized comfort positions. Features a zippered removable cover for ease of use.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Finally found the REAL deal again!

    My daughter’s first pregnancy caused extreme discomfort at night as her hips were very painful and she could not get comfortable. Finally, a friend loaned her their "Snoogle" pregnancy pillow. I remembered when she received it and saw the difference it made for her. Fast-forward two years and our daughter is pregnant with their second baby. She got miserable within weeks, as her hips were hurting again. She could not remember the name of the "loaned" pillow (always ask your Mom first!), so she ordered a different brand of pregnancy pillow (wasn't cheap and wasn't a Snoogle). When she opened the "imposter" pillow, she knew immediately it was not the same quality or design. It was limp and lumpy and didn’t support her body in any position she tried. All the sudden she burst into tears. My heart went out to her and I went into “mommy” mode. I began to try to recall the details of the original pillow she was loaned. I remembered it was designed by a nurse right here in the states. I also remembered the unique shape. So, I started researching and when I saw a picture of the Snoogle and read about the nurse who designed it, I knew I had found the pillow that made the difference in her first pregnancy. I ordered it and it arrived at my daughter's house a couple of days ago. As soon as she opened it, she was so excited she took a nap with it. She called to tell me, it was the EXACT pillow she had used in her first pregnancy and she was so comfortable using it. She said it has so much more stuffing. It is firm enough and cradles her in a way she can rest with no pain. I want to thank Snoogle for making such a quality pillow that truly does make all the difference. We highly recommend this pillow and the fine company who makes it! Thank you!

    Perfect Pregnancy Pillow!

    I bought this pillow when I was four months pregnant, and it has been a lifesaver with helping me to sleep. I was waking up with sore hips and back, but no longer now that I have this pillow. Even my husband and dog try to borrow it because they find it so comfortable.

    Snoogle Skeptical :-)

    I've had this pillow for 2 weeks. I'm 24 weeks pregnant. I was set on buying a standard rectangular body pillow, but after trying a bunch none felt supportive enough. I was using about 5 pillows to help me sleep on my side, but everytime I switched sides, I had to wake up and arrange all the pillows again. So I finally decided to give this a shot. I can't recommend it enough! This pillow has drastically changed the quality of my sleep. I'm so glad I finally gave in and tried it. I'm also experiencing way less back and shoulder pain than I was a month ago. I was resistant to the idea of a pregnancy pillow, mainly for aesthetic reasons. But it's really easy to roll it in a circle when I make my bed and prop against the headboard behind my other pillows (which I don't use anymore!). Some reviews said this pillow is huge, but I find it has a slim profile. It's narrower than a regular pillow, just really long. I have a queen bed and my hubby still has plenty of room. I'm also tall (5'10") and the length works for me. Again, give it a try! It's definitely worth it.

    For the new Mommy

    Was a gift for my daughter in law . So many choices but we picked the right one. She loves it!

    Christmas present for wife

    My wife had one of these when she was pregnant with our 2 youngest. Somehow we lost it during one of our moves. She continued to talk about how much she loved it and told everyone to get one. I decided this Christmas to replace it. She loves it. Sleeps with it every night. It helps her sleep through the night.