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Leachco Testimonials

Back N Belly Pillow with Model
Based on 557 reviews
Back 'N Belly®
Teh-Liang C.

Back 'N Belly®

Snoogle Jr.®
Yvonne C.

Cute pillows

Like being cradled

I’m about a week in and have noticed my sleep has been slightly improved, not having to shift various pillows around as my body tells me to turn. The pillow is substantial, and has the give I need. Super content with the purchase.

Back 'N Belly®
Omer B.
Changed my sleep - I'm a man

It's comfortable, supportive, and flexible. I started sleeping on my back again after getting this. Even when I'm on my side, i have support for between my legs, neck and shoulders.

Back 'N Belly®
Nancy R.

Back 'N Belly®

Joyce A.
A Sleep Companion!

I love the Snoogle! There are so may positions you can achieve for support, and comfort. I slept so much better the first night I used it and already can't imagine sleeping without it.

Snoogle® Cover
Maria G.

Snoogle® Cover

So comfy and wonderful for those with back issues


Snoogle® Cover
Laura M.

Snoogle® Cover

Really helps my back

I'm not pregnant but I have issues with my back and hips when I sleep at night. I decided to try this to see if I could get some relief. It takes a little getting used to but it does help me sleep better and I don't wake up with back pain. I washed the cover before use but it's still a little scratchy. It's also a little hard to get back on but those are small complaints.

Back 'N Belly®
Hilary C.
Fabulously comfortable

If you are looking for a pregnancy pillow that does not fall flat and gives full body comfort, this is the pillow for you. It may seem pricey but it is worth the price because it provides quality.

Rey O.

I asked my pregnant girlfriend if the pillow met her expectations and she shouted with content “Yeah!” Immediately. She sleeps with the pillow more than me now but I don’t mind, if she’s happy, I’m happy. Thank you leachco.

Just what I needed

This pillow is simply the best! I love everything about it! I no longer wake up with back pain and I am finally getting some quality and sound sleep. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Back 'N Belly®
Justine E.

Hands down best body pillow EVER. SUPER COMFORTABLE and would definitely recommend

Body pillow

I had been searching for a body pillow for 2 months.
I some how came across Leachco. Seriously changed my life. Since I’ve had this body pillow I have been sleeping 100 times better.

Sleep Saver

I have gotten the best Sleep with this pillow! I look forward to using it after pregnancy as well.

Jennifer T.
Love it

This is the 2nd one I’ve ordered. My daughter needed her own

Kiley E.
Best sleep ever!

I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and have reached the point of the uncomfortable sleeping positions. This pillow has transformed my quality of sleep. Highly recommend and so worth the money!!!

Love It!

its like being hugged without the extra body heat! best for side sleepers.
gives you a very comfortable and safe feeling

Back 'N Belly®
Amber R.
Back n' Belly!

Loving my new pillow! I've been sleeping so much better in just the few days I've had it! Feeling more comfortable and rested! ❤️

I purchased this pillow following a recent back surgery. Well, little did I know it would be the best decision I ever made.

Lounge Town U Shaped Body Pillow
Jaimie S.

Lounge Town U Shaped Body Pillow

Lounge Town U Shaped Body Pillow
Lounging in style and comfort

This pillow is ridiculously comfy. I don't even want to leave bed in the mornings now. I was having a hard time sleeping with my growing belly now that my hips are adjusting. This pillow has been a lifesaver. My baby and I love it. My fiance loves it as well. I'm pretty sure he's gonna steal it soon. This is a solid investment. I highly recommend this pillow.

Snoogle® Mini
Also great for an envious husband!

After 2 pregnancies listening to my husband say he is stealing my snoogle after were done having kids, I got him this. It takes ho less room and is the perfect solution to him shoving a pillow between his knees. It's so much better because it can run along his ankle and knees and takes up less room!

Best Back Support

This is my 2nd C pillow. I had the Supreme when I was pregnant 5 years back. It was a very good support for my back. I guess it helped me not to have back pains at that time. Now my son loves it also. He is using it now. Since I can't have a good night's sleep without it, my husband bought me another one.