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Leachco Testimonials

Back N Belly Pillow with Model
Based on 349 reviews

Love it!

Love this pillow! No regrets

Prior to purchasing this pillow I had been using a couple of pillows between my legs for a while. However, about 20 or so weeks into my pregnancy I noticed I started getting sciatica-like pain running from my butt down my leg. This pillow was a gamechanger. Though I still need to stretch and foamroll, the support and comfort of this pillow has been a huge help in staying asleep through the night. Love that I can use my own pillow as well. My neck is unusually long and prone to muscle strain during the night and the only thing that has helped is the Tempur-pedic neck pillow, so I was glad I didn't have to weigh that pain against my sciatica. The only downside with this pillow is that it's big, much bigger than the C-shaped snoogle. We have a queen-sized mattress and this pillow easily takes up more than half the bed. My husband actually really likes this pillow as well but we cannot fit two on our mattress. It says a lot that we are thinking about buying a new mattress just to support two of these!

Exactly what I wanted!

Third pregnancy and fourth tried pillow experiment for this bumpÔÇŽ finally! Something that isnÔÇÖt gigantic, stays in place, supports me on both sides, and has a cover I can wash! My boxer and other kids love it, too. I told my midwife team to promote this supportive pillow so that other mamas (especially firsties) can have quality sleep.


Snoogle® Cover
My daughter is enjoying her Snoogle!

I purchased a Snoogle for my daughter along with an extra cover. She says it is perfect and sleeping comfortably with it. I did a lot of research before choosing the Snoogle and I believe it was the best choice for her. I am very happy with this purchase!

A Winner for Pain Relief

My physical therapist suggested a maternity pillow to help with pain. I have a lot of MS pain, sciatica, & lower back pain. I ordered a C shaped pillow, but it didn't support my back and was too confining.Then, ordered the back & belly pillow. The fact that these pillows surround you, makes them all a little on the "hot" side. But, the support I felt with this pillow was so wonderful, I could overlook the slight warmth from being surrounded. Now, I can't imagine sleeping without it. I don't wake up in the middle of the night in pain. Who knew a maternity pillow could be a solution to pain. This one is a winner!

Pillow case

Love it

Snoogle® Cover

Back 'N Belly® Bunchie®

Finally I can sleep!

I was having a hard time sleeping but thanks to your amazing pillow I am enjoying sleep again!

Quality product!!

Cover is very nice quality and shipment and service fast!

Snoogle® Chic - Taupe Rings

Love my back and belly pillow

Love my back and belly pillow, itÔÇÖs a love saver!!

Supreme cool blue body pillow cover

I purchased the supreme cool blue body pillow cover. You canÔÇÖt get a decent color pillow cover or options on any other site. Love the color! Do wish there were more color options though. It is more cooling cover than the Jersey cover it came with. I will put the jersey cover back on when itÔÇÖs colder weather or may get a nice warm one from here. The price is a bit steep for a pillow cover though. So, IÔÇÖll weigh my options when the time comes. Good quality! And, I just like to add the body pillow is awesome!!!

My dog loves it

I love it too, but I hardly get to use it because my 15 pound dog likes to sit right in the middle. And he growls at me for trying to share! It really is that comfortable.

Love my Snoogle

First time being pregnant, not knowing all the great products out there for support, I desperately needed pillows to support my stomach, back, and knees. My husband bought me a different type of wedge pillow that wasnÔÇÖt comfortable. I noticed a lot of people buying the Snoogle, so I thought IÔÇÖd try it! IÔÇÖm so glad I did, because I love it! It gives you the support and comfort you need to get a good nights sleep. My only small complaint is that I like really soft squishy head pillows and when you use the Snoogle, itÔÇÖs a little firm for my liking. I plan on sleeping with the Snoogle even after pregnancy. IÔÇÖd recommend it to anyone!

Snoogle Jr.®
Brian S.
Too short

I think it should be just a little bit longer but overall a good pillow

Yes. Yes. More Yes.

After months and months of tossing a turning, I made the decision. I've slept amazingly ever since. After the first night I had to think about what kept me from a good nights rest. This pillow has been my top 10 pandemic purchase.

Great fit

I actually used this for the leach co. Baby lounger because our son is too old for it now but we plan to use it again until the future. It fits great!

Back 'N Belly®
Lauren F.
Love this pillow

Being pregnant and not being able to sleep on my back or stomach has been a struggle. I love how this pillow feels and have been able to sleep a lot better

Amazing for chronic pain

As a person with fibromyalgia, this pillow has been a lifesaver.

Best pregnancy pillow!

This pillow is amazing and super supportive! I've tried other pregnancy pillows and they do not even compare. This pillow allows me to sleep so comfortably every night with my growing belly.

Back 'N Belly®

Pleased with the mini

I bought this for my daughter who is expecting in November. She is very pleased with it. She likes her own pillow under her head, so the mini is the perfect solution

Back 'N Belly®
Madison S.

I've never been pregnant, but I'm a young person with chronic pain. This pillow can nearly bring me to tears from the relief it offers me on bad pain days!!! It really helps with keeping my hips and knees cushioned when they're irritated. My parents both have back issues, and they always try to steal it when I visit.