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Leachco Testimonials

Back N Belly Pillow with Model
Based on 734 reviews
She's happy I'm happy!

Pillow is awkward and enormous to me lol but she says its like magic she sleeps so well. It will definitely be a staple in her sleep routine and was well worth the money compared to cheaper options.

cozy snuggle time

it's the coziest and safest i've ever felt going to sleep. i've had anxiety before sleep my entire life and this makes it so much more manageable

Snoogle Jr.®
Sasha B.
Absolutely incredible

Recently I was having back problems. One night sleeping on my body pillow and I felt a big difference in my back. Beautifully made. Thank you! My son loves his pillow!

Josefina S.

I love it

Best Customer Service

The zipper on my cover broke and they sent a new one stat. They were very nice and understanding on the phone- great customer service! I would refer this pregnancy pillows to my pregnant friends moving forward. And, the pillow is fantastic.

Best sleep

Partner sleeps like a baby, wakes up in the best mood

Kayla S.


Back 'N Belly® On My Own

Back 'N Belly®
Satisfied C.
Love it!

I love that no Matter how I position the pillow, I’m absolutely comfortable. I sit feeling like I’m relaxing on a pool floaty and sleep feeling like I’m in a comfy cocoon.

Snoogle® Cover
Melissa J.
Snoogle cover


Snoogle® Cover
Vivian L.

Snoogle® Cover

Snoogle® Cover
Shanna B.
Pretty and perfect!

I really appreciate the Zipper cover. I had a snoggle without a zipper cover and it was a pain to get on and off. I also love the floral design!

I ORDERED 2 pillow cases
Please response

Snoogle® Mini
Mia H.
Perfect size

Love the design size and comfort of this smaller version. It doesn’t get in the way and provides support in just the right places. Fabric is soft, smooth and stays cool. Product provided by leachco.

This pillow is a must buy!!!

If you are in doubt on what pillow to get look no further because this is a must have!! The back-n belly on my own is the best pillow ever!!! I have a bad back and it’s perfect to prop my upper body on if I’m lounging in the bed. Also, when you are laying down you can put the pillow under your legs for back relief.. I love curling up in many ways to this pillow. It’s so soft!! I have had better sleep and less back pain. I may need to get another because my kids keep taking it!
Product provided by leachco

Great night of rest

From the first night of using it, I had the best night of rest that I've had in a very long time. I have chronic back and shoulder pain and was able to sleep soundly all night long without tossing and turning to get comfortable. I woke up in the same position I was when I went to sleep. I have tried other Body pillows in the past. I think what set this one apart from others is the top part of the pillow is flat, allowing you to use your own pillow for your head while having the comfort of the contour pillows on each side. Highly recommend for anyone with back neck or shoulder pain.
Product provided by Leachco

Feels like a hug

I received my snoogle mini and as soon as I wrapped my self around me it was sold! It feels like a warm hug. I slept like a baby!

Back 'N Belly®
Ethan B.
A Future Mom (and Dad) Lifesaver

My wife received a 'wedge' pregnancy pillow at her baby shower which worked well until the middle of her second trimester. Around that time, sleep became difficult and she constantly complained her back was hurting. She asked me to research pregnancy pillows and buy her one. (This is because I love to research before I buy while my wife will purchase the first item labeled 'best seller' on Amazon).

So, I researched. I read countless articles and reviews. I looked at so many pregnancy pillows my head hurt. Then, I stumbled upon Leachco. Almost every pregnancy pillow on their site had an average 5 star rating (and with hundreds of reviews at that). No other brand even came close to that statistic. I read and researched a little more, then I sent her three options from Leachco.

She balked at the price a little bit, saying there were cheaper ones we could purchase, but I told her I was convinced this was one of the best you could buy. So, she chose the Leachco Back 'N Belly. Four months later, and nearing the birth of our first child, she is absolutely in love with this pillow. Sure it is massive (takes up over half of our queen), with a matching price tag, but I'm not sure she would have made it through this pregnancy without it. (She would have, but she would have been a walking zombie).

In fact, we just went to visit her parents over Christmas. Since we flew, she asked her dad to purchase a cheap pregnancy pillow from Amazon so she could survive while we were there. She told me it didn't even kind of compare, and the first thing she said when we got back home how thankful she was to sleep with her Leachco pillow again (dead serious).

If you are debating on which pregnancy pillow to purchase, go with Leachco. I promise you won't regret it. It may be double or triple the price of other options, but so is the quality. My wife can testify from experience. And, if you are worried about the size, I promise it's not too intrusive. Yes, husbands, you might lose a little bit of space for a couple of months, but a happy, well-rested wife will make up for it!

Thank you, Leachco, for a tremendous product! My family looks forward to doing business with you in the future!

$100 pillow that literally does no help but take most of the bed and can't even fit in the wash

Love this comfy seat!! This is the 5th one I’ve purchased & it’s the perfect spot for little ones to relax & watch tv in.

Back 'N Belly®
Wonderful and comfy!

This pillow is perfect for side sleepers because it supports your whole body plus alleviates stress from your back. It is nice and huge, as a plus size person it was still plenty big. Overall, very comfortable and worth it!

Snoogle® Mini
Marina W.
Mini Review

I like this pillow. The cover is soft and smooth and comfortable to lay on. The fill is soft, yet firm unlike other body pillows that are too hard to lay on. It provides good support. My only disappointment is that it was a little too small for an adult. I know this is the "Mini" but when I positioned it under my neck and upper back, the pillow wasn't long enough to actually go between my legs to provide support for my hips/knees/lower back at the same time. I will still use it and enjoy it.

Product provided by LeachCo.

Great Body Pillow

This really helped with my leg & back pain. The only negative is that it is very large. I have a king size bed so it doesn't affect me too much but others might have problems with the size. Product provided by Leachco.

Grow To Sleep® Supreme

Had one when I was pregnant long time ago (decades) and it lasted for the whole time. Just now decided that it was time for the old one to go and ordered a new one in its place. That happy I am with this product.

Symmetrical comfort!

No accidentally flipping the pregnancy pillow off the bed when moving it to go pee, no sore neck from terrible head support or lack of support from moving down to use your own pillow. I don’t have to move the whole pillow to the other side when I turn over. It’s ALL there! Same everything and I can put all my own pillow in the middle so I’m not losing support or MORE uncomfortable.
I’d like the fabric a little softer, but I think it will soften with washing. Which by the way, zippers located on the outside away from me so I can wash it and not be bothered by the zipper or zipper cover! Though I do not understand how it can be used as a leasuire lay type deal, but I only tried that configuration once. Otherwise, Very nicely thought out! Very comfy! I’m impressed! Wish I had bought one like this the first time.
(Product provided by Leacho)