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Leachco Testimonials

Back N Belly Pillow with Model
Based on 491 reviews
Snoogle Jr.®
Zhi W.

Snoogle Jr.®

Fits the snoogle just right and makes it easy to take your pillow on trips.

Snoogle® Cover
Marie H.

The plush sniffle cover is amazing, so soft and silky- love it!!

Best pregnant purchase ever!!!

I had been having problems getting comfortable and had been using a body pillow I purchased 5 years ago and wasn't cutting it. I found this pillow and I'm so glad I did. I'm sleeping much cooler and comfortable. I love having pillows on either side of me and I can have one pillow behind me and one under my belly. You won't regret making this purchase. A pregnant woman's must have.

I love It!

This pillow is great! It’s so comfortable and soft. It made my sleep much better. I’m in my second trimester and so glad I decided to purchase this.

L💙very ~ L💙ve ~ L💙ve ~ L💙ve

My daughter from Day 1 said she Loves it Sooooooo Much and that it's Helping Out Very Well With her Pregnancy, Thank you 🙏 So Very Much

Amy S.
Perfectly Comfy pillow

This pillow met my expectations. I read lots of reviews and compared. My ultimate decision worked for me. This shape allows me to be comfortable and still cuddle with my husband

Perfect less obtrusive preg pillow

LOVE THIS PILLOW. First I ordered a big pregnancy pillow - the Snoogle - and returned it (thanks Leachco for making the return easy) - found it way too big for a queen bed I share with a partner. Also didn't like that with the Snoogle that I couldn't use my own pillows under my head. This Bump Bunchie is so much better - less obtrusive, better for sharing a bed, supports belly and back in 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy without taking over the entire bed. I use an additional regular pillow between my legs, which works fine. I find it's easier to get out of bed to use the bathroom a million times at night, than with a massive pregnancy pillow. Also easier to roll over on to my other side. Best of all I get to use my own regular pillows under my head!

Love it! So comfortable!

Back 'N Belly®
Bryan S.
Super comfortable

It’s like a big hug all night. Very soft, well made, but it’s huge so unless you have a queen size bed or bigger there won’t be any room for anyone else in bed.

Rhett C.
Wonderful nights sleep!

My sleep apnea doctor suggested the Snoogle, so I’d be sure not to roll onto my back, and it works like a charm. Plus fun to sit up, snoogled, and watch the news or a movie while in bed. Wish it came with its first pillowcase, or I’d give it THE highest rating!


Super snuggly and comfortable.
Just what I’ve been looking for to support me while I sleep no matter which side I lie on

Best sleep ever!

I have been sleeping so soundly since receiving my pillow! I’m so grateful!!

Back ‘N Belly On My Own

It’s high quality and humongous! Super comfortable. 😊 Just hoping the cover becomes softer after a wash and some fabric softener, particularly the cover my pillow Is inserted in.

Best Sleep

My stepdaughter has been miserable with morning sickness. She told me the pillow finally gave her the rest she has been needing. She hasn’t slept so well in all her pregnancy! Thank you 😊

You won’t regret buying!!

Best pregnancy pillow I have found. Keeps me on my side at night and is so supportive and snuggly.


The body cover is great and like the color and feel. I am a 77 year old lady with a few back problems and the pillow helps to solve my bending too many different ways while I sleep. I am still very active with horses and still working so getting a good nights sleep is imperative. Thanks to your pillow and cover this has all been a blessing. Thanks to the Leachco family.

I can finally sleep!

I’m am obsessed with my pillow. I had the original back n belly with my previous pregnancy years ago. When I found out I was pregnant again another is the first thing I purchased. I sleep so much better now.

I've never known sleep like this

Getting this pillow has changed my entire life. I'm getting better sleep than BEFORE I was pregnant. Absolute game changer for me! It just holes your body in all the right places it's incredible

body pillow

The body pillow turned out to be my answer to prayer! I love it, thank you so much for it!

Susan C.


It’s comfy

Best sleep I’ve ever had . I just wish the material was more of a Jersey because I got hot when I actually slept with it

Joseph E.
Excellent quality and finally sleeping well

Thank you, my fiancé is finally comfortable heading into the third trimester!

Back 'N Belly® On My Own

Back 'N Belly®
Lisa R.

Back 'N Belly®