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Leachco Testimonials

Back N Belly Pillow with Model
Based on 763 reviews
Go buy this pillow now !

If you’re a side sleeper , I highly highly recommend! This pillow is so comfortable! Hands down worth every penny!

I absolutely love the Cuddle-U

I am so thankful to have a versatile pillow. It functions as a nursing pillow, but my favorite feature is the seat. I no longer have to worry about my little one falling over in her pillow. The Pillow-U comes with a seat strap to make sure they don’t fall over or slide down. This is a MUST add to your registry.

Cuddle-U® at Target
Candise D.
Exceeded expectations

The services and ordering process was super easy and convenient. My package arrived unhanded and I was ready to use the pillow immediately.

Ultimate comfort

The Snoogle Signature sent to me by Hey Bullseye is absolutely contributing to the best sleep that I have had in a really long time. I love the way that it aligns my head hips and knees, allowing for me to have an incredibly restful night's sleep. This pillow keeps its form and has the cushion evenly spread throughout preventing any bunching. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a more comfortable way to position your body and sleep.

Back 'N Belly® Bunchie®

Very comfortable

I'm not pregnant, but use this pillow for ergonomic reasons and works quite well. Other pillows were too thick and took up too much space. This one is thinner and easier to get into the right position. My only complaint is that I wish it was a foot longer.

Back 'N Belly® Mini Supreme

Great back support!

Immediate relief for my back. I’m not pregnant, but this is amazing if you’re curvy like me. I was shoving pillows under my sides before. I’m also a side sleeper, and the pillow is just long enough to put in between my legs for extra support. 10/10

So Much Better than Cover it Came With!

The cover it came with was a pull on pillow case and was a nightmare to put on and take off! This one is more stretchy (jersey fabric) and with a zipper makes cleaning the cover so much easier! Love it!

Levi L.
Wife loves it

She’s been sleeping so much better with the snoogle. She said it’s super comfy and she’ll be recommending it to anyone woman that is pregnant!

Back 'N Belly® Chic Cover - Sunny Circles

Back and belly bunchie is the best!!!!

I’d had trouble sleeping so my husband bought me a back and belly bunchie to help and oh man , did it help! It’s amazing. I haven’t slept this well in years. It helps so much with my back and hip pain and also keeps me on my side for my sleep apnea. I absolutely love it and will definitely be back for more. Thanks you so much Leachco!

Back 'N Belly® Bunchie®

Back 'N Belly®

A woman’s best friend during pregnancy!!

So helpful and springy! I'll definitely keep using it after my pregnancy. My wife's got her eye on it as well, but she'll just have to wait

Wow! What a perfect pillow!

This is exactly what I needed to be able to lay elevated in bed after surgery. It is extremely comfortable and useful. I'm so glad I got this.

Mini belly pillow

I love the pillow, very comfortable! I wish there was a zipper on inside pillow so you can put more stuffing in to make it a little firmer ! Getting a great nights sleep ! Thank you


Where in the world have these things been all my life? I gotta be honest. I'm not pregnant. But I do have a herniated disc in my neck & this thing is incredible. Since this injury, I've invested in all sorts of pillows & other items to ease my pain. NONE of them compare to the Canoodle. Also, I was a bit worried it wouldn't offer enough support, but it absolutely does & it does so without being huge or in the way like a lot of body pillows are. I also love that they have pillowcases available in a bunch of fun colors/patterns if you want to buy later. A definite 5 stars!

Snoogle® Chic - Shadow


Sleeping has become so much more pleasant during pregnancy

Jordan W.

Terrific product!

Snoogle® Mini
Jennifer B.
Love my Mini Snoogle

I bought this after baby. My son is 3 now and I still need my Mini Snoogle 🤣. Makes my low back feel fantastic in the morning when I wake up. No low back pain.

Pillay® Plush
Kathryn G.
Wonderful pillow !!!

My daughterinlaw bought this 5 years ago for the “babies”. They are 3 and 5 now and still lounge in it. The quality and comfort are great - I just bought one for a shower gift because I think it is a superb gift !!! Totally worth the price!

Juanita A.

Thank You for this amazing pillow, It helps immensely with my knee and back

Very comfy

I love the firmness yet still soft feel of the pillow especially since I have horrible heartburn and this is such a game changer