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Back 'N Belly Bliss®

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Cool Blue
Lightly Latte
Peaceful Gray
Soothing White


    • Flexible Contoured Body Pillow

      The Back ‘N Belly Bliss flexible contoured body pillow gives you the freedom to shape and mold into your own custom comfort positions. This unstructured design gives the Back ‘N Belly Bliss ultimate flexibility without tension. When you surround yourself in the Back ‘N Belly Bliss it can help provide equal support for your back and belly at the same time with inner body-hugging curves. This mirror image position lets you turn from side to side without readjusting pillows.

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Customer Reviews

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Sleeping better on my side

I’m such a back sleeper and this had helped me stay elevated and on my side! I have shoulder pain while sleeping on my side usually, but less so with this pillow.
It’s huge and I love that too