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    • Full Based Body Pillow

      The Finlay full based body pillow is a total body pillow with ultimate lower body cushion. The head section is extra wide and long for versatile sleeping styles. The generously sized base helps provide extra cushion for the lower body.  The Finlay also features a comfort curve for neck and shoulders as well as a zippered removable cover for ease of use.

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Perfect gift

Well this made a believer out of my husband, who has otherwise thought these types of pillows were over the top and unnecessary lol. After resting on mine he was surprised at the improvement in comfort he immediately experienced vs his traditional means of laying down. It was the pillow he didn’t know he needed til he had it! Having him so comfortable on his side has also reduced the annoying snoring disturbances that plagued us prior to the pillow, so yes we are very happy customers!

I love the comfort this pillow provides!!!

This pillow has been a great addition to my sleep. I love the lower part of the pillow!! It is also an amazing pillow to use on the couch. It gives GREAT back support and provides a surface over my lap for for my arms. If I leave it out I can generally find another family member using it. We ALL love it!!